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Engagement & Wedding Photography by Kevin Chung

October Update

What a year it’s been! I wanted to quickly update everyone as I’m starting to receive the annual “wave” of wedding inquiries around the holiday season, but I’ve decided that I will only be accepting 8-10 select wedding commissions in 2016, which includes a handful of already confirmed dates. I expect the remaining slots to be booked prior to February, so if you are interested in having me photograph your special day in 2017, please get in touch and let’s set up a time to grab coffee!

A Personal Introduction

I candidly refer to myself as a photo nerd (seriously – I love photography, as both a discipline and a vocation), but when I reflected on why I chose wedding photography to be my primary area of specialization, it all came back to this all-important realization: I love life even more.

In between and all around my firmly-entrenched perfectionist ideals is the fact that I am an experience-seeker at heart: I see beauty in every scene, in big life-changing moments as well as in mundane every-day activities. And so, through all my years of professional portraiture and event photography, nothing is quite as rewarding as being able to document life in its purest, most unadulterated form – on a wedding day.

The beautiful chaos of unrelenting expectation brings out the best in me – with my unique experience, I’m able to anticipate and prepare for any situation to freely create powerful images of your celebration that will be cherished for ages – being a wedding photographer is a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

Thank you for visiting my website and getting to know me – I look forward to connecting with you in the coming years! ( Recent Blog Entries )

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Genuine, Timeless & Beautiful | Toronto Wedding Photography by Kevin Chung

Engagement & Wedding Photography by Kevin Chung

Eleni & Chris – Engagement Party (Toronto)
Karen & Ben – Engagement Session (Toronto)
Karen & Ben – Wedding Day (Toronto)
Jhanvi & Sunil – Traditional Ceremonies (Toronto)
Jhanvi & Sunil – Wedding Day (Toronto)
Connie & Matt – Wedding Day (Toronto)
Susanne & Roger – Wedding Day (Vancouver)
Natasha & Tyo – Wedding Day (Toronto)
Natasha & Tyo – Engagement Session (Toronto)
Sandra & Sichanh – Wedding Portraits (Vancouver)

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